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Frequently Asked Questions

*** CAN I STILL GET A FULL DEDUCTION FOR MY CAR? I understand the Tax laws have changed.
Answer: YES .. You can still deduct the full fair market value or the appraised value of your donation
IF YOU DONATE BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2005. After that date, the actual selling price at auction will be the deduction
allowed on all vehicles valued over $500. IT IS IMPORTANT TO DONATE NOW, before the year's end.

1. How do I determine the value of my donation?

Answer: The value of your donation can be determined by visiting the Kelly Blue Book site or and checking for retail value of your car. Take the information you print off from their site and give it to your accountant.

2. Can I donate an older car that is not working?

Answer. In many cases an older car has no value for the charity unless it would be considered a collectible. The charity has to cover the expense of towing, titling and refurbishing the vehicle in preparation for sale and well as the sell fee imposed by the seller. A vehicle in poor condition or not working most likely would not cover the minimum expenses. A car that is not so old can often have value even if it needs repairs.

3. I want to donate to a charity but don't have their address.

Answer. In most cases their phone number will provide an address Car Angel can send the check too.

4. What if I don't have the title?

Answer. If you don't have the title you need to get a clear copy of it (no Liens) that can be transferred to Car Angel Ministries. Just donating the vehicle is not enough, the charity needs the title so it can sell the vehicle and use the funds.

5. Can I give my donated vehicle to a friend or my local church?

Answer. Yes, in many cases you can transfer your vehicle to your local church receive an donation letter and ask them to give it to a needy person. If you donate to a friend you need to check with your accountant on whether or not you can deduct it from your taxes.

6. When do I receive my tax deduction Reciept? Will it state the value of my donation?

Answer. You receive an email Reciept automatically upon making the donation. The Receipt does not state the value but only year, VIN and date of donation. The value comes from your Blue Book value and advice from your tax preparer.

7. What if I lost my receipt or did not receive it?

Answer. To get your registered receipt, simply go to the the homepage and re-enter the donation including the VIN - in the comments, TYPE "<APPLYING FOR DUPLICATE RECEIPT ONLY>" - you will instantly see a receipt on the screen you may print and a copy is automatically sent to you at the same time.

Donate your used vehicle and feel good about giving and contributing to a world changed for the better.

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