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Be A Car Angel. Give your used Car Boat Plane RV or Real Estate.Get a Tax Deduction and Avoid the Hassles of a Private Sale


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Donors at this website acknowledge they have not been solicited for donations cash or otherwise directly or indirectly either via e-mail, direct mail solicitations, or any other advertisements by Car Angel c/o BoatAngel Outreach Center or any affiliate within the boundaries of their respective state. This website or the use thereof does not constitute an attempt by these organizations to solicit donations in any state where such solicitations are restricted by state statutes. The use of the website by each potential donor is voluntary, the donation contract is subject to acceptance solely by Boat Angel Outreach Center. Not all donation submissions will be accepted



Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center wants to help you help change the world. Through innovative partnerships and vehicle processing, Car /Boat Angel Outreach Center is able to convert your vehicle donation to a donation value. The process is simple: You initiate the donation of your used vehicle listing the year make and location. Someone will call to verify the information We dispatch a towing company to pick up your vehicle immediately from one of our nationwide processing centers You receive a tax receipt for the full value of your donation--you use the receipt to claim your donation on your taxes We convert your vehicle into much-needed cash that the organization needs for its many programs Donate your used vehicle and feel good about giving and contributing to a world changed for the better. We love trucks.



Car/Boat Angel Outreach Center produces animated films for teenagers (Adventures of Donkey Ollie, Jake and the Giants and Two Pennies), Sunday School books in seventy languages which are distributed freely around the world. Books have been printed in Guatamala, Uganda, Ethiopia, Bulgaria, United States and Mozambique. We have built sponsored homes for trafficked children in Bulgaria, Myramar and India. We have distributed DVDs and books free of charge to Sunday School groups, home study groups and institutions throughout the United States. We have sponsored outreaches to teens and adults in both Florida and Arizona and created free faith based evangelism materials for distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the value of my donation?

The minimum write-off for a used Car or Truck is $500. If the vehicle sells for more than that during the charity auction you will be notified asked for your SSN and given a receipt with the selling price.


Can I donate an older car that is not working?

Yes, non working cars and cars that have been in accidents are accepted.


I want to donate to a charity but can’ find my title

Get a copy of your insurance card, license plate and ask you State DMV for a duplicate.


What if I don't own the vehicle?

If is I not your car it cannot be donated. If it belonged to a parent or relative and you are given the title with permission to dispose of it in many cases it can be picked up. Please call us.


Can I give my donated vehicle to a friend or my local church?

Yes, ask the church for a receipt


When do I receive my tax deduction Receipt? Will it state the value of my donation?

You can call us with your VIN after 30 days we can easily retrieve the sale value.


What if I lost my receipt or did not receive it?

It will always be associated with the VIN. Vehicle Identification Number.


Donate your used vehicle and feel good about giving and contributing to a world changed for the better. Boats processed in all fifty states. The top locations for car/truck donations are California Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, New York, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania. All makes all models working or not. Please donate your car/truck/Rv/trailer even if it is not in running condition. We make the arrangements to tow or have your vehicle towed, Car /Boat Angel Outreach Center charges nothing for this service. It is free to the donor. Everyone wants to help others.

We have helped many people donate their older RV Donations. Receive a tax deduction. Non Working RV accepted.

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Through the past 20 years Boat Angel has been able to provide multi millions of DVDs to preschools In addition prison chaplains, wardens and lay prison ministers who showed our anti-drug film DOPE. Boat Angel Outreach Center which is a fully authorized IRS approved 501 C3 succession to Car Angel. We currently produce animated films. (White Horse 2024) audio books and are always working on New Donkey Ollie Sunday School Books. (Journey to Patmos 2022 Traveling Circus 2023). Our our materials are distributed free of charge. Pegmedia features over 40 of our programs. We subsidize the distribution costs. Our Audio books aredistributed through library distributor Hoopla Digital.